Registration of a company in Kazakhstan without coming to Kazakhstan:

To register a company with foreign participation in the form of a private limited company, in Kazakhstan it is necessary:

  1. To choose the name, types of activity, the size of the Charter Capital of the LLP, the legal address, the director of the LLP.
  2. Provide the necessary documents:
  1. From a foreigner - the founder of the created LLP:

    1.1. Enrolled. passport of the founder - a copy certified by a notary with a translation into Russian;
    1.2. Notarial power of attorney from the individual of the founder of LLP to receive IIN, EDS with translation into Russian (Sample will be sent on request).

  2. From a foreigner - director of a newly created private limited company:

    2.1. Enrolled. passport of the director created by the LLP - a copy certified by a notary with a translation into Russian
    2.2. Notarial power of attorney from a physical person - the director of a newly established private limited company, to receive IIN, EDS with translation into Russian (Sample will be sent upon request).

  3. In your city, hand over the documents to the courier of the service, which will deliver your documents to us.

The registration of a LLP with us means that we:

  1. We receive IIN for the foreigner of the founder of LLP.
  2. We will issue EDS (Electronic-Digital Signature) for a foreigner of the LLP founder
  3. We will receive IIN for the director of the private limited company, in case the director is a foreigner,
  4. We organize translation of your documents into Kazakh and Russian languages (if necessary).
  5. Prepare a decision or protocol on the establishment of a foreign-owned LLP
  6. Prepare the Founding Documents of the LLP.

    a. Charter of LLP,
    b. Memorandum of Association (if necessary).

  7. We will fill in the application for registration of a private limited company with foreign participation.
  8. We will pay the state. Duty (for medium and large businesses).
  9. We will notify the registration authority about the registration of the private limited company.
  10. We will receive documents confirming that the registration of an LLP with foreign participation has taken place, and will pass it on to you.

The registration of the LLP without the founders' arrival in Kazakhstan will take 3-4 days from the moment we receive your documents and will cost only 350 USD, which can be paid to our accounts in banks of Kazakhstan and Russia, using the payment systems WđÁstern Union, Kolibri, Zolotaya Korona and other

To register an enterprise in Kazakhstan, contact us and receive:

What is convenient for registration of companies in Kazakhstan with us:

  1. Free name check.
  2. Registration of a company in Kazakhstan is carried out by proxy, that is without arrival to Kazakhstan, for 1-4 days.
  3. Minimum of documents, Favorable price.
  4. Registration of enterprises in any city of Kazakhstan.
  5. We give a 20% discount on the services of drafting and legal analysis of contracts.

We will register a LLP with the participation of foreign individuals, in ANY CITY of Kazakhstan, we will receive the documents on the registration of the company and will give them to you.

  1. We can conduct legal services for your business in Kazakhstan.
  2. We will assist in the liquidation of the private limited company.

Notarial copies of the constituent documents and extract from the trade register must be apostilled.

Apostille is NOT required:

For documents from the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Tajikistan, Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Kyrgyz Republic.