Registration of IIN/BIN for non-residents of Kazakhstan. Get IIN / BIN without coming to the Republic of Kazakhstan


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Registration of IIN/BIN for non-residents in Kazakhstan

We know how to issue IIN (individual identification number) and BIN (business identification number) to non-residents - foreigners and foreign legal entities (LLC, OJSC, LLP, etc.) in Kazakhstan.

With our help, any non-resident foreigner can obtain an IIN/BIN without visiting Kazakhstan.

By attorney, we will complete all the necessary formalities, complete and submit a tax application, receive and send you a registration certificate of registration of a non-resident as a taxpayer.

Terms of issuing IIN/BIN in Kazakhstan

Registration of a BIN for foreign legal entities in Kazakhstan (registration of non-residents as taxpayers) takes 4 days from the date of receipt of your documents, since it is carried out sequentially, in two stages:
  1. Registration of IIN for the head of a foreign legal entity,
  2. Registration of a BIN for a foreign legal entity non-resident

IIN/BIN registration fee in Kazakhstan

Issuing an IIN will cost you 93,600 tenge or 13,000 Russian rubles.

Obtaining a BIN will cost you 187,200 tenge or 26,000 Russian rubles, which can be paid to us on bank accounts in Kazakhstan and Russia or using payment systems.

Where should a non-resident go to get an IIN/BIN?

Call or write to us, and we will represent your interests in the tax authorities, get a BIN for you and give you a certificate of its assignment.

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